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Child Behavior

  • Disrespectful behaviors,

    aggression and defiance

    toward authority figures

    are signs that your child

    is trying to communicate.


  • Lack of focus or impulsivity

    can make it very difficult

    for children and adolescents

    to perform well in school

    or get along with their

    peers.

  • Children and teens

    can have a multtitude

    of ways that they

    exibit signs of

    trauma and distress.


  • Sometimes kids

    do not feel motivated

    to reach their full

    potential. They may

    question their self worth.


  • Withdrawal from others,

    loss of appetite, and self-harm

    may all be signs that your

    child is struggling with depression.


  • Should be Empty:


Why do kids do what they do?

Read on to learn more about common child behaviors!


Disrespectful behaviors, aggression and defiance toward authority figures are signs that your child is trying to communicate.  Counseling can help children explore and process underlying issues that are leading to misbehavior in a non-threatening way.  Through the use of creative and expressive arts, role playing, play and other dynamic approaches, your child will find ways to communicate his or her needs more effectively and begin seeking positive attention.


Sometimes kids do not feel motivated to reach their full potential. They may begin to question their self worth.  This often leads to poor performance in school, lack of interest in pursuing goals and unhealthy choices in peer relationships.  Counseling can help children and teens rediscover their strengths and talents to set goals for the future.  


Lack of focus or impulsivity can make it very difficult for children and adolescents to perform well in school or get along with their peers.   It is common for kids struggling with attention to have difficulty listening to instructions or following directions.  These kiddos sometimes get labeled as being defiant, even when they are trying their best to please those around them.  Failing grades and poor social relationships with others can make them feel isolated, frustrated and filled with self doubt.  Counseling can help provide kids with the coping strategies they need to re-build their self-confidence and channel their energy into developing their personal strengths.


Withdrawal from others, loss of appetite, and self-harm may all be signs that your child is struggling with depression.  It is heart breaking to watch your child struggle with intense emotions of sadness and despair.  Or perhaps, your child has become very irritable and irrational.  Depression can present very uniquely in children and adolescents and can escalate to self harming behaviors if not addressed.  Counseling can help your child gain an understanding of why they feel the way they feel.  They will also learn how to engage in behaviors aimed at decreasing depression and increasing their connection and engagement within their world.

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