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Common Questions

The Top 4 Questions About Our Counseling Services

1. My child has not been officially labeled as gifted, can she or he still receive services?

Yes! We believe that all children have creativity, talent, and the ability to grow into the skill sets of their interests!  It is our pleasure to help your child discover what those unique gifts may be. We look forward to seeing you! 

2. What happens in a typical counseling session?

We first allow our kids to tell us what's on their minds. Their agenda always comes first. Then, we listen for different themes, based on what they share, to help us understand more about their problems. We use their interests to design customized therapeutic interventions that we know will be meaningful to them. These interventions encourage them to explore their thoughts and feelings in greater detail. The interventions also encourage kids to enter into a solution-focused mindset so that they can stop dwelling on their limitations and start focusing on their own creative solutions to address their problems. 

3. What is the cost of counseling?

Sessions are only $80 per 50 min If you choose to allow one of our counseling interns to work with your child.    Counseling interns are current mental health graduate students pursuing their Master’s Degree.  They work under the close supervision of our Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Sessions with our Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns are $130 per 50 min.  Registered Interns have Master's Degrees and are currently under supervision working towards their mental health licensure.  Each counseling session with our Licensed Mental Health Counselor is $240 per 60 min. 

4. How do I contact my child’s counselor outside of session if an issue arises?

We are available through your client portal,  a secure HIPAA compliant system, that you will use to register when you sign your child up for counseling. We can respond quickly if you send messages through the portal. If a parent session is needed, you may schedule an official session to address any concerns you may have.

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