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Our Story


"I feel like I'm losing brain cells."

So many bright kids come into the therapy office and say things like this.  

Why do some smart, creative, and talented kids doubt their abilities and avoid asking for help?

Why do some kids avoid trying new things or become so stressed when they make simple mistakes?  

Why do so many feel like they are a burden on their families and friends who love them?

Our older kids may struggle with high stress from advanced schoolwork or burn out from boredom and disinterest. 

Our younger kids may be discouraged due to being misunderstood and labeled by some teachers and peers. 

Some kids can even become physically sick because of their stress and have thoughts about harming themselves.

Our gifted, creative, and high-performing kids have needs that many people just do not understand.

When my son was placed in advanced programs, I was determined to make sure that he knew that he was wonderfully made and that there is nothing that he ever needs to do to prove this

All gifted, creative, and high-performing kids should know that they are wonderfully made and that there is nothing that they need to do to prove this. 

Our therapy is specialized to help bright and talented kids deal with their common five stressors which are usually high stress, sensitivity, perfectionism, social relationships, and high expectations from others.

So many bright and creative kids come to this practice for individual counseling and to join our Balanced Intensity coaching program to gain more confidence, happiness, and self-acceptance!

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