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Your Child May Be Academically Talented if She or He: 

 - Displays advanced intellect in academics 

- Is enrolled in several advanced placement, honors or gifted classes

- Shows higher levels of emotional intelligence than peers

- Gets overwhelmed due to high levels of stress related to managing multiple advanced classes and other activities

- Avoids new challenges, gives up easily or becomes distressed when faced with tasks that cannot be easily mastered

- May equate good grades or goal achievement with self worth and become anxious when failures occur

How Counseling Can Help The Academically Talented

- Kids may learn the power of having a growth mindset and the learning opportunities that come with making mistakes

- Kids may learn ways to deal with academic stress and other stressors in healthy ways

- Kids may become more comfortable trying new things

- Kids may become proud of their efforts in taking on challenges with less fear of failure

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